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Sunday, 2 November 2014

Oh, mirror in the sky,

* I have to credit Muka on her latest release...This outfit is outstanding !
I have always found her items not only of the highest quality, but also great value.
In my humble opinion she totally outdid herself and this outfit really does need to be seen inworld :) ♥


 Muka   -   Aura Top *rare White*  - TFGC  (Opens Nov 4th)

 Muka   -   Aura Bracers  *rare white*   - TFGC  (Opens Nov 4th)

 Muka   -   Aura Shoulder Pads  *rare white*   - TFGC  (Opens Nov 4th)

 Muka   -   Aura Skirt  *rare white*   - TFGC  (Opens Nov 4th)

Maitreya   -  Vintage Collar - Seashell

!dM  -  RavenMask