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Friday, 20 February 2015



MINA Hair    Kaya  Shiny Shabby 

 {Reverie}  -    Honey Pie Skirt  Shiny Shabby 

 {Reverie}  -    Honey Pie Tied up shirt  Shiny Shabby 

 {Reverie}  -   Honey Pie Aged Books and Candles  Shiny Shabby 

[PM}  - Pixel Mode  -  Bird Cage   Shiny Shabby 

[PM}  -  Pixel Mode - Victoria Hutch (other room)   Shiny Shabby 

[PM] -   Pixel Mode - The Sewing Corner  - Windsor Chair

junk.  -  cream -  animal rug  Shiny Shabby 

junk. -  walking sticks. rose.  Shiny Shabby 

AF  -  Teacup Pearls RARE  

Pure Poison - Le Ballet Flats -   Shiny Shabby 

Scarlet Creative -  Lavender Brown House Prefab

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