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Sunday, 21 June 2015

A room with a view.


Wearing  -  La Penderie de Nicole: - Sonya Dress  Shiny Shabby 

.Shi :  - Gears Studded Handphone Case [V2]  -   (Free group gift - available only for a limited time)

AZOURY  -   Alma Wedge Sandals - Dark   Shiny Shabby 

Scene  -   [PM]Pixel Mode  -   The Marcus Studio Apartment  Shiny Shabby 

Fancy Decor   - Milneaux Chair   Shiny Shabby 

Fancy Decor   - Geosculpture  Shiny Shabby 

cinphul    -   Gotrik Frame [Evolve]  Shiny Shabby 

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